Meet Chrissy

meet_chrissy_01Ever since Chrissy was a little girl, she loved to dance and exercise! She grew up with a mom who taught dance and fitness classes in her home and YES there were plenty of side pony tails and leg warmers!

Once Chrissy graduated high-school, she started attending all the group fitness classes she could find. She loved the classes so much, that she became certified as a group fitness instructor with the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America at the age of 20.



After competing in the National Gym Association figure competition in 2010, Chrissy became passionate about weight training and nutrition. She is certified as a nutritional therapist through the Health Sciences Academy and has attended the Institute of Nutritional Leadership created by Dr. AXE.

Chrissy has been inspired to use natural solutions for healing the body, mind and spirit after her brush with melanoma skin cancer in 2008. Fortunately, the cancer did not spread to her lymph nodes, but her scars remind her to use essential oils and supplementation regularly as a preventative measure for good health.

Chrissy is married with two children and has found the essential oils to be effective in keeping her family healthy and well! She has many personal stories on how the essential oils have healed herself and her family.

meet_chrissy_03Another interesting story about Chrissy, is her deciding to carry twins as a surrogate for a lovely couple in 2013. She amazingly worked her body back to her pre-pregnancy weight within 4 months, and she is more fit and strong than ever before!

In 2014, she certified as a personal trainer and has received many yoga certifications since she began teaching in 1998.

Chrissy hopes to inspire, motivate, and encourage others to live a healthy and fit life forever!