Yoga shoot with Kirsten 219

Is a hot body always a healthy body? It kind of depends on how you define a hot body, right? I think we can all agree that some supermodels walking down the cat walk and suddenly passing out due to lack of nutrition is not a healthy situation. In the book The Ultimate Fit or Fat, nutrtionist Covert Bailey says a healthy body-fat content is 15 percent for men and 22 percent for women. Healthy fat in the body is needed for normal physiology like healthy skin, lubrication for joints, it sheaths neurons, stores vitamins, and is the building block of hormones. Obviously we don’t want fat percentage too high, because then we are in the red zone for heart attacks, heart disease and diabetes, but for now let’s focus on extremely low body fat. Having competed in a fitness show before, I know the dangers of dangerously low levels of body fat in women.

Many women in fitness competitions look great, even HOT, but I am always wondering if some of these competitors will deal with different thyroid and hormonal issues later as a result of ultra low body fat. Some won’t because their body fat is being closely monitored by the coaches supporting them along the way, but a few might find that the aftershocks of low body fat are a sluggish thyroid, therefore resulting in extreme fatigue, weight gain, etc.

My point here, is yes appreciate those athletes that are working hard and looking awesome, but know that some of them are walking a fine line with what is healthy and what is not healthy.

If you feel you need to have your body fat tested to ensure you are in a healthy range, please contact me at or 801-556-8734 and let’s make sure your body is healthy and HOT!