Is comparison sabotaging your ability to be fit and healthy?

We’ve all done it at some point in our lives, right? We see that person with the perfect body, hair, car, house, more money, perfect relationship etc. etc. and we start to feel bad about ourselves for not having those things or situations ourselves. Teddy Roosevelt said it best in his quote, “Comparison is the thief of joy.”

Many times we are completely unconscious of the comparisons we are making (cough, cough facebook, instagram, twitter). We even start to resent that person we are comparing ourselves to which keeps us from receiving good in our own lives. One way to start shifting this normal behavior in ourselves is just to notice it. No judgement to ourselves, you know the voices I’m talking about, just notice it in your mind and your heart and see how it feels to compare.

It does not feel good, right? It will not help us in any way to compare ourselves to others. We each have different backgrounds, experiences, and beliefs and that is what makes the world exciting and unique. Can you imagine if we all had the same things, hair, bodies, car etc. Boooorrrrriiing!

Once you recognize you are comparing and it is doing you NO good, start to look for the things you are grateful for: the color of your eyes, ten toes, working elbows and knees, a gym to work out in, clothes to wear. As you shift your mindset to gratitude everything else will look pretty good in your life.

I believe as we shift our mindset to positivity and gratitude, something I try and work on daily, we receive more energy and more motivation to take care of ourselves and others from a space of fullness and joy!

Thanks T.R. for that simple, yet profound quote, “Comparison is the thief of joy.”

Top 5 tips for removing obstacles that keep you from exercising:

1. Wear your exercise clothes to bed, then when it’s time to wake up just grab your keys and go! Don’t judge, I do it all the time;)

2. Find a friend that enjoys exercise or is motivated to start and plan a weekly meeting time. Make consequences if appointments are broken. No sugar for a week? Or positive rewards such as a movie night! Magic Mike III here we come!

3. Start a blog, facebook page, or instagram posts and update weekly progress to hold you accountable for your goals and join social media groups that keep you motivated.

4. Get on and register for a freeeee account! You will get meal plans and exercise classes sent to your inbox. Seriously, it doesn’t get any easier than that!

5. Finally, hire a trainer or health coach. I know it may be scary, because you know you’ll have to commit and pay out the cash, but even just committing to a month can start you out on a habitual path of health and happiness!

Good luck and know I am rooting for your best health ever!!!

Yoga shoot with Kirsten 222


Yoga shoot with Kirsten 219

Is a hot body always a healthy body? It kind of depends on how you define a hot body, right? I think we can all agree that some supermodels walking down the cat walk and suddenly passing out due to lack of nutrition is not a healthy situation. In the book The Ultimate Fit or Fat, nutrtionist Covert Bailey says a healthy body-fat content is 15 percent for men and 22 percent for women. Healthy fat in the body is needed for normal physiology like healthy skin, lubrication for joints, it sheaths neurons, stores vitamins, and is the building block of hormones. Obviously we don’t want fat percentage too high, because then we are in the red zone for heart attacks, heart disease and diabetes, but for now let’s focus on extremely low body fat. Having competed in a fitness show before, I know the dangers of dangerously low levels of body fat in women.

Many women in fitness competitions look great, even HOT, but I am always wondering if some of these competitors will deal with different thyroid and hormonal issues later as a result of ultra low body fat. Some won’t because their body fat is being closely monitored by the coaches supporting them along the way, but a few might find that the aftershocks of low body fat are a sluggish thyroid, therefore resulting in extreme fatigue, weight gain, etc.

My point here, is yes appreciate those athletes that are working hard and looking awesome, but know that some of them are walking a fine line with what is healthy and what is not healthy.

If you feel you need to have your body fat tested to ensure you are in a healthy range, please contact me at or 801-556-8734 and let’s make sure your body is healthy and HOT!

One week butt kick to a better body!

Need a basic template to kick your butt into shape? Well here you go:

Monday *bam* You’re motivated since you at like crap last weekend, so yep it’s a HIIT class. Get on YouTube and depending on your activity level find a 20-40 minute HIIT class. You’ll feel fantastic afterward!

Tuesday — Hit the weight room for a lower body workout. Do every exercise or machine you can to work your legs. Calf raises with weights, squat machine, inner and outer thigh machine, donkey kicks etc. Do about 3 sets of 15 per exercise and spend 30 minutes-1 hour of time on this.

Wednesday *hump day* To get you through hump day, I’m going to recommend you slow it down and get in touch with your inner peace. Take a yoga class and learn how to reduce your stress levels by breathing in a conscious way. If you decide to do this at home, just spend a minimum of 20 minutes working up to 1 hour doing basic stretches and holding them for 5-8 breaths. Don’t let your mind sabotage you and tell you that there is something else you should be doing. Keep reminding yourself why it is important to have this time to yourself.

Thursday — It’s time for some upper body work! Don’t worry ladies, you won’t get bulky lifting unless you decide to take steroids, so lift heavy! Again spend 30 minutes – 1 hour doing all the exercises you can think of for upper body. Bicep curls, tricep extensions, lat. pulls, chest press, and don’t forget about those sexy shoulders of yours. Three sets of 15 is a good start and make sure your tired at the end of the 3rd set or you’re stronger than you think you are!

Friday — TGIF, because you have another HIIT class! Follow Monday’s guidelines and mix it up. Get uncomfortable!

Saturday — Start your weekend right with another yoga class. If you have to go to the library to get a DVD, fine! Just stay committed to the practice. It will pay off I promise.

Sunday — Get outside! Whatever the weather, go outside and walk or hike for 30 minutes or more. Let that time be spent in gratitude and appreciation for your body. If you love your body, it will love you back!

Lastly, repeat, repeat, repeat and when you hit a plateau, send me a quick hello so I can give you more tips to keep you feeling happy and healthy!



Are you loving your body today?

Body image is something that many women deal with on a daily basis. If I could just lose a few pounds here, and if my arms looked like Madonna’s, and if my belly was flat, then I’ll feel better.

It’s funny how even when we are already fit and healthy we can still think those thoughts of “if only.” Science is proving more and more that our thoughts can literally change the health of our cells and improve the healing process.

I invite you and myself today to stop for a moment, take a breath, and recognize the miracle of your human body. Feel gratitude for the systems within you that are working effectively and with ease.

I recently watched a video by astrophysicist Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson who talked about how our atoms are directly linked to the stars in the sky. I’ll post it here for you to watch:

When we think about our physical goals, whether we want to lose 10lbs, 50lbs, or just want to feel better in our jeans, just remember that your body is a miracle made from the most beautiful stars in the sky!

Love your body, even for this one brief moment.

State of Mind Yoga


I loved the free yoga on the Utah State Capitol lawn this Summer! Sooo many yogis (around 300 a class!) coming together as one to feel the love! I saw many young college age kids probably loving all the cuties in their Lululemon gear. What I’m excited about is the growth of yoga in our beautiful Salt Lake valley. With yoga on the rise in our city, is it possible that just by people coming together and breathing conciously as one, we can shift the minds of our politicians and those who make important decisions for our people and state? I like to think that it does.
My hope is that people don’t really care about what they’re wearing or what their neighbor is wearing on the mat, but that they care more about how their State of Mind affects those who live here.
Yea, for FREE Yoga!!!